My Resumé

Places I’ve worked and things I’ve done

Product Design Lead, VMware Cloud Services

Nov 2019 —  Current

  • Leading and mentoring a team of 6 designers for the Cloud Services Platform.
  • Crafting design vision, strategy, and processes towards the overall team execution.

Senior Product Designer, VMware Cloud Services

Apr 2017 —  Nov 2019

  • Senior designer for VMware Cloud Services.
  • Lead designer for notifications and billing.

Senior UX Designer, Aerohive Networks

Apr 2017 —  Nov 2019

  • Led and mentored a team of 3 designers.
  • Drove design of new product offerings (Aerohive Connect, Advantage MSP).

Senior UI/UX Designer, CrossCap

Mar 2014 —  Sep 2014

  • Led and mentored a team of 3 designers.
  • Delivered the Global Asset Catalog and developed a design system.

Senior UI/UX Designer, ETS

May 2013 —  Feb 2014

  • Led a cross-functional team for HiSET, a new testing offering that was released in 2014.
  • Re-designed UX/UI framework and implemented it throughout the ETS product suite.

UI/UX Designer, OPSWAT

Mar 2013 —  Jun 2013

  • Designed account settings and edit workflows for Metadefender User Management.
  • Designed form-based password entry and recovery workflows.


How I approach leading teams and initiatives I’ve driven

I believe in empowering designers to accomplish projects on their own terms. Some designers may need more direct feedback and 1:1 time than others, for example, so I let the designer guide that conversation. I can then figure out how to structure my support around their needs …

I incorporate design thinking and collaboration exercises along with team rituals like design reviews and team collaboration. That way, everyone can stay up-to-date and share ideas towards better outcomes for the team.

Leadership in Action: Driving Motion Design

Working with executive leadership, I identified motion design as a skill that was lacking within the team and an area that I could contribute to broadly. I have driven this area for the team overall, running workshops for the team and setting a program for helping designers deliver specific motion designs into their products.

I drove a study — along with support from other designers and researchers — to prove that motion design can save seconds of perceived time and improve the quality of crucial interactions and touchpoints. Afterwards, I gave a presentation at a company R+D event called Radio. View that here:

About Me

A bit about my background and interests

I also love playing music, playing soccer, watching basketball, and cooking. In fact, it was my love of music that brought me to design. You see, I was in a rock band in college. While we played gigs around town, we struggled to make ends meet …

We had no money to pay for album artwork, posters, and other collateral, so I took it upon myself to design these assets. By the time the band later broke up later on, I had developed a pasion for design and wanted to learn more …

I moved to San Francisco and enrolled in a Masters design program to learn more about design theory and practice. I immersed myself in it, learning more about product development through hands on experiences …

I try to keep that learner’s spirit alive through a life of continuous learning, as evidenced most recently through evening courses at IDEO studying design thinking methodologies …

Professionally, I’m lucky enough to have led a few great teams. Most recently, I lead a team of 6 designers for VMware Cloud Services. There, our team delivers account-related functionality, like account management, billing, and notifications.

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